Image play…

I am at a bit of an in-between time in the studio these days. So I’m playing around with a lot of ideas.

I always utilized magnification as a way of generating composition and design. I love selecting a detail or area and enlarging scale to “find” a composition that already exists but may not be evident to the unaided eye.

Here are some images taken with a macro lens on my cell phone. Then I did some digital manipulation – trying to further abstract the image.


I have used watercolor paint with masking fluid and micron pens to create this abstract ground.
This is a detail of the abstract ground taken with my phone camera and macro lens.
This is the previous image further abstracted using Photoshop.


This is a  fun way to generate compositions. I will keep playing with these.

What is even more fun is when I realize the continuity of my compositions and abstractions. Quite by accident I was browsing my photos of the day and this image – a macro shot of a shell was  in the same group of images…

Our “unconscious” choices are anything but!