Sondra Dorn Contemporary Textile Art
mixed media- linen on birch paneltextilessmall works
I always search the world for pattern, color and composition. Different perspectives – the view from airplane or through a microscope –reveal abstract patterns that are the basis for my visual vocabulary. Technology (airplanes, microscopes, computer-aided design) enables these different views, allowing me to apprehend hidden details, and to shift back and forth between different aspects, the micro and the macro.

The linen that I work with brings my work back to a human personal scale. Stitch by stitch and layer by layer; I build my landscapes by hand using processes that are slow and intimate. I engage with the forms I’ve discovered in the world around me, dissolving and reconstituting them with fabric, thread, dye and ink. I experience these reimagined landscapes as close-up details and distant topographies simultaneously. I hope that my work invites you to take the time to enjoy these shifting spaces and perspectives.